Carbon Fluxes

This page has the information of how to access and use the FLUXCOM carbon fluxes data products. The data are publicly available for download from Data Portal of the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry. All data download will be handled through the portal.

FTP Access

The native FLUXCOM carbon flux products amount to more than 4 TB of data. Products with daily or 8-daily temporal resolution or customized ensemble estimates are available on request to Martin Jung (

The overview of all carbon fluxes from FLUXCOM is provided in the synthesis paper published in Biogeosciences.

Monthly carbon flux data of all ensemble members as well as the ensemble estimates from the FLUXCOM initiative are freely available (CC4.0 BY licence) from the Data Portal after registration. Choose ‘FluxCom’ in the dropdown menu of the database and select FileID 260.

The users will be provided with an access to a ftp server.

FTP Directory Structure

The ftp directory stores 179+ GB of data and is structured in a consistent way with the file naming in Table below. The folder structure was designed to facilitate easy download of relevant subsets of the archive and is as per the following convention:


File Naming Conventions

The files are provided in network Common Data Form, version 4 (netCDF-4) data format. The data files are named using the following convention:

Key to naming convention used for the folder structure and naming conventions.

SN item information prefix values
1 CF Carbon flux no prefix - GPP, TER, NEE
2 SETUP Upscaling set up no prefix - RS: for RS products
- RS_METEO: for RS+METEO products
2 FP Flux partitioning method FP- - ALL: for ensembles that include GPP and TER from all flux partitioning methods
- NONE: no flux partitioning
- DT: carbon fluxes partitioned using daytime NEE fluxes
- NT: carbon fluxes partitioned using night-time NEE fluxes
Note that FP is always NONE for NEE.
3 MLM Machine learning method MLM- - ALL: for ensembles that include carbon fluxes from all machine learning methods
- ANN, MARS, or RF for carbon fluxes from RS+METEO
- RF, ANN, MARS, GMDH, KRR, MTE, MTEV, MTEM, or SVM for carbon fluxes from RS
4 METEO Meteorological data METEO- - ALL: for RS+METEO ensembles that include carbon fluxes from all meteorological data
- CERES_GPCP, CRUJRA_v1, ERA5, GSWP3, or WFDEI: for RS+METEO products using different meteorological data
- NONE: for all carbon fluxes from RS (because RS does not use meteorological forcing data)
5 sRESO Spatial resolution no prefix - 720_360: for 0.5°x0.5° native RS+METEO and spatially aggregated RS data
- 4320_2160: for 0.0833°x0.0833° native RS data
6 tRESO Temporal resolution no prefix - monthly: for all data files
7 YYYY Year no prefix - the year for which the data is

Usage Notes for Carbon Fluxes

The usages of FLUXCOM carbon fluxes data as well as the potential limitations are also extensively discussed in the overview and sysnthesis manuscript. Please refer the manuscript for a detailed explanation.

Carbon FLuxes Subset from Jung et al., 2017

The subset of carbon fluxes data used in Jung et al. (2017) is also available separately through the Data Portal of the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry. This data can be downloaded by selecting FLUXCOM project in the dropdown menu. The system requires a registration, and the download link is sent to the registered email address only.